Frustrating Morning

Yesterday, when I had a limited amount of time to walk, it was gorgeous outside. This morning, when I have all the time in the world, the rain slacked off just enough for me to walk three laps around the track. Arrrggghhh!!! It’s so frustrating! At least I had Pandora going on my iPhone, so I got to listen to some great music during my short walk.

When I left the track, I went to Walmart to get some ink for my printer. I needed it last night but didn’t want to make a special trip for it. After I had parked and turned off my car, I realized I left my debit card at home. So, now I have to make a special trip for it after all. Arrrggghhh!!!! Today is just not going my way!

On my way home from Walmart, I stopped at a convenience store that sells Mint Oreo Cappuccino. That stuff is the bomb! I figured they would be out of it, the way my luck was going so far; but something finally went my way. I rarely ever get it because I’m sure it has a million calories and who knows how many grams of fat, but I think I needed it this morning.


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