No Power

I don’t know what’s going on, but my electricity is off. I suddenly realized that my iPhone dock had stopped playing music, so I took my phone off the dock to see why the music wasn’t playing. The music started back like nothing was wrong, so I set it back on the dock. Although the music kept playing, I couldn’t get the sound to go through the dock. That’s when I realized the dock was off, and I couldn’t get it back on. At first, I thought it had gone bad and I’d have to take it back to the store. Since the sun is shining in the windows, I don’t have lights on in the house, so it wasn’t until I went in the bathroom (with no windows) that I realized the power is off.

For right now, my laptop is running off the battery, but that won’t last for long. I have no idea how long to expect this to last. Hopefully, it will be back on by the time I get off work tonight. (Good thing I got ready for the day before I took Sam to school this morning!)


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