Night at the Drive-In

Tonight, Sam and I went to the drive-in movies and had a great time. We like going there because it’s nostalgic, and it’s also much less expensive than the regular theater. It’s only $6 per person, and since I know the owner, she always gives us a discount. They show two movies back-to-back. Tonight, they were Mirror, Mirror and The Hunger Games.

The first movie is the story of Snow White as you’ve never seen it before. They took great liberties with the fairy tale and turned it into a funny, surprising story. Sam said he liked it because the girl who played Snow White is “hot”. His favorite part of the movie was, in his own words: “whenever Snow White was on the screen”.

The second movie has been much hyped, and I’ve been eager to see it. It started off a little slow, but it definitely got better as it progressed. I haven’t read the book, but it is next on my reading list now that I’ve seen the movie. Again, Sam thought the girl was hot, so he liked it too.


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  1. I wish they had Drive Ins in my country….


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