Update on Sam’s Health

Sam had an appointment with the GI specialist today. The last time he was there, last November, he was doing a little better; but today we had to tell her that his nausea has gotten much worse. He is sick to his stomach after almost every meal and feels nauseated at some point just about every day. She examined his abdomen and found that he is very tender on the upper right side, where the gallbladder is located.

The doctor ordered an ultrasound (since it’s been a year since the last one) and a hepatobiliary scan which uses nuclear medicine to evaluate how well the gallbladder is working. If the test shows poor gallbladder function, Sam will be referred immediately to a surgeon. If the test results are borderline or normal, he will have an endoscopy done. Since surgeons often request an endoscopy, he will likely have to have that either way. So, it has been scheduled for June 19. The ultrasound and hepatobiliary scan will be next Wednesday.

Sam is very, very nervous about the endoscopy. He, naturally, doesn’t like the thought of something going down his throat, and he’s never been under any kind of anesthesia. Please pray for him to have calm nerves, for the doctors and technicians performing the tests and making diagnoses, and for me since moms suffer when their kids suffer.


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