Walmart = Insanity

When you work at Walmart, you see it all, and no two days are alike. My shift tonight was one of the bad ones. I’m so glad it was only four hours long, even though I was complaining about having to go in for such a short period of time.

If you’ve ever seen the pictures on or if you’ve ever been to a Walmart, you know that you are likely to see just about anything there. I’ve gotten so used to seeing people in their pajamas, that I don’t even look twice any more. And, this time of year, I can’t count the number of women who come in there with their butt cheeks hanging out the bottom of their short. (Gross!)

Tonight totally took the cake, though. A young woman came into the Money Center, and the first thing I noticed about her were her boobs. That’s because I could see them perfectly through the skin-tight, much-too-sheer top she was wearing. She could just as well have come in without the shirt for all the good it did her. She had two small children (about three and four years old, I’d say) with her and an older, nasty-looking, hairy, dirty man. The man tried, unsuccessfully, to keep the children under control, but he didn’t really speak; he sort of grunted.

When the girl came up to the counter, she handed me the form to receive money someone had sent her via MoneyGram. Since they had not included a test question and answer, I needed to see her i.d. She knew she didn’t have it with her, but she still dug around in her purse. At one point, she held up a prescription bottle and asked, “Can you use this medicine bottle? It’s got my name on it.” (I think she was stoned.) I explained to her that it had to be a government-issued i.d. with a photo. She got irate and stormed off. The children started crying because they wanted to go to McDonald’s, and she screamed at them, “They don’t *&%#$ care that you ain’t ate nothin’ in two *&%#$ days! They won’t give me my *&%#$ money!”

Truth is, I do care about kids, even if their mom is a skank, and I’d hate to think that those poor children really hadn’t eaten anything in two days. Despite being dirty and looking more or less like young white trash, they looked pretty healthy and as if they haven’t missed meals recently. However, given the opportunity, I would have bought those children some food.

It was around 8:00pm when this occurred, and the Money Center closes at 9:00pm. About fifteen minutes before time for me to close up shop, I was telling one of the cashiers about the woman and her children, wondering if she was going to make it back in time and telling her about the ghastly top the woman was wearing. Right at that moment, the family came back in the store. The cashier I was talking with saw the woman, and her jaw dropped, and she said to me, “They’re like eyes looking out of her shirt!” Yeah…it was really nasty!

This time, the woman had a valid i.d., and I was able to give her her money…a whopping $20! She and the man with her took the kids to McDonald’s and got a bag full of food. Then, the woman went back through the grocery department and got some 2-liters of soft drinks and some junk food.

In the meantime, I had alerted a CSM about her indecent exposure. She didn’t take me very seriously until she saw it for herself. We discussed the situation with the other CSM who said there was nothing we could do…until she saw her as well. Then, she told me to call 100 to see if L.P. was still there. They weren’t. The first CSM followed the woman through grocery and, noticing the alarm of the other customers, went to get a manager. The assistant manager came out, chit-chatting with the CSM, stopped mid-sentence when he saw the woman, and exclaimed, “Wow! You can see them from here!” He called the shift manager who told him what could be done (we don’t know what that was since he was on the phone), but by that time, the woman was checking out, so they decided to just let her leave without saying anything.

One thing that really bothered me about the whole situation was how she spent the $20. If those poor children really hadn’t eaten in two days, one meal of McDonald’s, soft drinks, and junk food wouldn’t help a whole lot. She would have been better off buying some cereal and milk, peanut butter and bread, so they could have a few meals instead of just one. I was still so upset about the whole thing when I got home, that I was shaking as I was telling Sam about it. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have children, especially when there are lots of decent people out there who want children and can’t have them.


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