I occasionally mention Pearl here, but I haven’t talked about her much. She’s our Miniature Schnauzer. We got her when Sam was 10, and I lost the custody battle for her, which, quite frankly makes me pretty upset (especially when she needs to be groomed or get shots, and he asks me to help pay for it since he didn’t want her in the first place).

Our neighbors had a Miniature Schnauzer named Spike who died, so they went back to the same breeder to get another one and wound up getting two (at $450 each) because the puppies were too cute to choose just one. We visited them and fell in love with the dogs, especially the black one. Well, a few weeks later, they asked me if we would be interested in taking the runt of the litter. The breeder had decided she would give it to a good home since no one wanted it. (It appeared to have some neurological problems, presumably from falling off the ledge of a 2-story deck when it was just 6 weeks old.) Sam had been wanting a dog, so I agreed, even though it looked like a bobble-head, the way its head flopped from side to side.

We named her Black Pearl (Pearl, for short), after the ship in Pirates of the Caribbean. When we got her, she weighed less than 10 pounds, and she went everywhere with us, in the safety of my purse or coat pocket. As she grew, the neuralgia faded away. Apparently, her neck muscles hadn’t developed enough to hold up her head, because now her head is straight and doesn’t wobble at all. The breeder said that because she was the runt and so tiny, she probably wouldn’t grow big enough to handle having puppies, which was fine with us. At full-grown, she still weighs only 13 pounds, half the size of her litter mates.

She’s not the smartest dog we’ve ever had (it took her FOREVER to become housebroken), but she is as pretty as can be and just as sweet. Here is a cute video of her eating the ice cream on my ice cream bar after I ate the chocolate part.


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