Inspirational Beauty

Today, I drove about three hours away, just inside the North Carolina border to meet my cousin Chad who took Sam home with him for a visit for the next week and a half. On my way home, since I was by myself and not in a hurry, I took the scenic route. One redeeming virtue of the southeast is the Blue Ridge Parkway. It.Is.Gorgeous!

There were several overlooks, and the scenes were beautiful, when there was enough of a clearing between the trees to see beyond them. The picture at the top is one I took between some trees. You can see in that one how overcast it was today. Here’s a picture I took a little later when the clouds had cleared some.

While driving along, I was flipping through the radio stations, and I landed on one playing hymns. It’s unusual these days to hear hymns on the radio, but it was just the perfect musical backdrop for my ride through such a beautiful stretch of God’s creation.

I saw a sign for the Blue Ridge Mountain Music Center, and since I was in no hurry to get home, I decided to stop and check it out. I was impressed. There was a little museum there about music in general, mountain music in particular. Here is a picture of a portion of the history of country music, where it talks about the importance of Bristol, TN (where I live) in the early days of that genre.

On weekdays, in the afternoon, they have local musicians who come there to perform and to talk in a very casual setting to visitors to the music center. I was fortunate enough to get to sit in on a little bit of one of those sessions. They were singing a silly song when I went in, and then they talked some to a music teacher who was there on vacation. It was very interesting hearing how they can relate their mountain music to just about every other genre of music. The next song they sung went right along with the inspirational mood I was in. It was a gospel song written by Gillian Welch. Here is a little bit of it I managed to record.

I drove along with my windows down and my radio up. It was a little chilly up there, but I loved it! When I lost the radio station I was listening to, I rifled through the console between the seats looking for a cd. The only one I could find was Little River Band, so that’s what I listened to the rest of the way home. I bet I re-wound “Lady” three or four times. It’s a catchy tune, and I enjoyed it.

Few of my friends would have enjoyed my day as much as I did, and fewer still would have added pleasantness with their company. It was all-in-all a perfect day! I guess I’m kind of strange, but that’s just part of my charm. 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. The Blue Ridge Mountains are in my backyard. I never grow tired of visiting every chance I get. One of the most beautiful areas in our country.


  2. Great pictures!


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