BigDipperI’ve always been intrigued by the stars. When I was a little girl, my family traveled a lot, usually at night. My dad always had a big car, a Ford LTD or somesuch. Those big, old cars had a big area behind the back seat, under the back windshield, referred to as a dog bed. In our car, that was my bed. There were no pesky seatbelt laws back then, so my brother would spread out on the back seat, and I’d curl up in the dog bed. As I lay there, I would look out the back window at the stars. They gave me a sense of comfort and security, and they became my friends.

The fascination continued as I grew older. When I was in middle school, I did a big science project on constellations. Dad drove me out of town several nights so I could get a clear view of the stars without the city lights getting in the way. We didn’t have a telescope, but we had some powerful binoculars, and I was able to see some stars I had never seen before. Those nights, outside Macon, GA, looking at the stars with my dad are some of my favorite childhood memories.

Even now, as an adult, if the sky is overcast, or if I’m in an area where I can’t see the stars, I get a little depressed. They have become a sort of symbol of God. Even though I can’t see Him, I know He’s up there, and the stars are my reminder of that. When I can see them, they bring back that sense of comfort and security they gave me as a young child. I feel like God has them there as a reminder that He’s always there for us. At night, I like to go out, look at the stars, and just talk to God as if He is walking along beside me.

Tonight, I noticed that the Big Dipper appeared to be positioned just perfectly to pour out God’s blessings onto my home. It’s aptly named; it is definitely BIG! And, only a dipper that big could ever hold all of God’s blessings. Right now, I’m going through some tough times, and it was such a comfort and relief to see the Big Dipper and to be reminded that God has always blessed me and has more blessings ready to pour out for me and Sam.


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