What’s Going On

In my last couple posts, I’ve indicated that there are things going on here, taking up my time and attention. I’ll expound a little in this post.

The number one issue right now is searching for a full-time job. I love my job at Walmart, but it is impossible to live on just 26 hours a week. Even the weeks I get 32-33 hours aren’t enough to make up for the short weeks. Talk about a discouraging mission, though! There are NO jobs in Bristol! I broadened my search to nation-wide and looked at some other areas specifically, and I was amazed at how abundant the job market is in other places. The obvious answer seems to be that we should move, but I promised Sam years ago that we would stay in Bristol until he graduates from high school. I know what it’s like to be moved around, having to get used to new schools and make new friends. I attended FIVE different high schools, and I am determined to give Sam more stability than that. I’ve been pondering the question “At what point should I break my promise to Sam in order to better provide for us?”

Another big issue is Sam’s health. Last Tuesday, he had an endoscopy since the tests on his gall bladder did not show anything wrong there. The doctor said the only thing that showed up in the the endoscopy is an inflamed esophagus, despite being on Prilosec for over a year now. She took several biopsies and sent them off to the pathologist. We should get results from those this week sometime.

Besides that, it’s pretty much life as usual around here. Sam has enjoyed his summer as much as possible, considering that he feels nauseated most of the time. He got to go to North Carolina for a week to visit with my cousin’s family, and he just got back from Pigeon Forge today, where he was on a retreat with the church youth group since Thursday. This week, since I have the next couple days off in a row, we are going to be doing some major re-arranging in our house. Sam and I are going to exchange rooms, for a time. I’m hoping it will be a good arrangement and be worth all the hard work it will take to get it accomplished.

Those of you who pray, please remember Sam and his health issues. Also, I’d appreciate a word of prayer that I might find the right job, wherever that may be. Have a good week, ya’ll!


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