Hippie Invasion

Hippies have invaded Bristol, well more specifically the Cherokee National Forest just outside of Bristol. The Annual Rainbow Gathering is taking place here the first week of July, and there are already many, many participants in the area. As a general rule, I respect everyone and their choices of how to live, etc. I will tell you this, though, people who bathe regularly and dress decently get a lot more respect from me. I don’t begrudge them their right to meet. The Constitution guarantees the right to congregate, and I respect that. I do wish that when they decide to come into town, specifically to Walmart, they would bathe first and wear clothes that cover them up, or in some cases, wear clothes instead of blankets.

Last week, I had to wait on a guy at the service desk who was wearing only two blankets, well, more like throws. The one tied around his waist came down to his knees with a slit up the side to where it was tied. The other one he had draped around his shoulders. He had dirt visible on his body, and his hair was matted and nasty. The hair is another thing. I don’t particularly like dreadlocks, but they are preferable to the hair I’ve been seeing on these people. It’s just plain nasty…dirty, matted, nasty.

A few days prior to the above incident, our front-end zone manager was outside when one guy’s skirt got blown up by the wind, and she couldn’t get that image out of her mind. She said it was a horribly disgusting thing to see. I’m glad I missed that!

This past Thursday, one of the girls was in the ladies restroom washing her cooking pot in our sink, using our soap, water, and towels. I want to shout at these people that soap is actually very inexpensive…much less so than the beer they’re buying and the cart-loads of watermelons. Put back just one watermelon and buy soap enough for a dozen people. Just sayin’.

One of my friends who works at Arby’s said that they were there with their beach towels, doing yoga in the parking lot. Again, I’m not against hippies or yoga or anything, but there is an appropriate place for everything, and the Arby’s parking lot isn’t it.

Several of the young people have come to the money center to receive money their parents had sent them via Money Gram. Last night there was one such young couple. The girl was talking to the guy about the Rainbow Family and was saying that she must be a very strange hippie because she liked to bathe every day. Yeah, I’d say she won’t fit in too well up there with the rest of them.

So, if you’re curious about modern-day hippies, take a ride out of Bristol on US 421 to Big Creek Rd. You’ll be sure to see your fill.


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