Memories of Mom

I’ve been thinking about my mom quite a bit lately. These recent thoughts have centered around the lighthearted side of her that most people weren’t lucky enough to see. I love remembering her flatfooting in the kitchen while Dad whistled a tune and the old kids’ songs she taught me when I was young and still loved to sing with me when I was older. One of my favorite memories was when she was a school librarian (at either Roosevelt Elementary or Donna High School, I don’t remember which). During teacher orientation week at the beginning of the school year, she attended one session where the presenter, wanting to get everyone loosened up, taught them a new dance. Mom came home and just had to show it to me. I’ll never forget us in the kitchen with her trying to teach me the “Macarena”! Good times!


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  1. Posted by Angela on July 28, 2012 at 2:46 am

    Suzanne! That’s so sweet. How you wrote that, I can just see your mom doing those things with you. She was such a dear sweet lady.


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