Lots to Report

Wow! Quite a lot has happened since my last post just a few days ago. Sam got to go home from the hospital Saturday evening, but it turned out to be too early. He was still in extreme pain, despite the Lortab; and Sunday afternoon, he started vomiting. I called the doctor to see what I should do, and she told me to get him back to the hospital. They got him back on an IV both for pain relief and fluid. He was so dehydrated, he almost passed out several times, and his face looked like a raccoon … very dark eyes in a pale face.

Another matter for concern was a terrible bruise on his abdomen. It was small when we went home Saturday, but by Sunday evening, it had more than doubled in size. It has continued to spread even until now, but it is not growing as fast as it was earlier this week. They ran labs on him Sunday night, Monday morning, Monday night, Tuesday morning, and Tuesday evening. The platelet count was a little low, and he is anemic, but the other numbers were all in the normal range. Dr. Taylor said the bruising is not at all common with this surgery, and she called in a hematologist to have a look.

Dr. Kalwinsky is the hematologist, and it is obvious right away that he knows his business. He said the bruising is all on the surface but agreed with Dr. Taylor that it is not at all normal. He suspects that Sam may have a rare bleeding disorder, and he ordered more labs. They had to be sent off, and it will take about a week to get the results back. He said he will call me as soon as he gets the results.

(Here is an interesting article I found on Dr. Kalwinsky: http://www.mshanews.org/news/article.aspx?id=51&cat=1)

Sam is supposed to start school tomorrow, but I have made the executive decision to let him stay home. It’s only a 2-hour day, and there is no school on Friday. I don’t see the point in risking letting him get all worn out just for that. Hopefully, by Monday he’ll be feeling much better. Tuesday, he goes back to Dr. Taylor for a follow-up visit, and I’m confident that he will be well on the mend by then.

My sincere thanks to everyone of you who have prayed for us during this trying time. I could feel the power of your prayers, and I know God has been with us through it all, as always.


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