Back to the Hospital

What a tumultuous week we’ve had! Although Sam got to come home from the hospital on Tuesday evening, the hematoma on his side just kept growing, and he was still in intense pain. So, I took him back to the Children’s ER in Johnson City. I told them that I wanted an ultrasound or a CT scan or something done to ensure that there was no internal bleeding. The fact that Sam was running a temp of 100.5 when we arrived there helped give my concerns validity. They did a CT scan, and we waited what seemed like forever for the results. The doctor said that the bruising showed up in the scan and that it appeared to be in the skin tissues only. There was some fluid present in his abdomen, but according to the doctor, it wasn’t an amount more than what would be considered normal a week after surgery.

For those of you haven’t seen it yet, here is the most recent picture I’ve taken of Sam’s enormous bruise. (For the record, he gave me his permission to post the picture, or I wouldn’t be doing it.)

One issue for concern was, and still is, constipation. Sam has been on quite a lot of pain medications this past week which have brought on a serious case of constipation. He was admitted overnight with an IV for fluids and pain meds and was given laxatives and stool softeners to try to get rid of the constipation. He was also limited to a clear liquid diet, and although we got to come home today, I am still limiting his diet until the constipation is relieved.

Of the last eight nights, five were spent in the hospital. Of the last nine days, all but one were spent in whole or in part in the hospital. I sincerely hope that Sam is on the mend now and that we won’t have to make any more trips to the hospital any time soon. Next Tuesday, we will be going back to Johnson City for a follow-up appointment at Dr. Taylor’s office. I’m sure she hopes, as we do, that it will be the last time she has to see Sam.


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