I just realized I haven’t posted here about Sam’s follow-up visit with the surgeon on Tuesday. It was a very positive visit. She said he is finally healing well, but she still thought it was too early to go back to school. She said he can start back to school next Monday. We are both enjoying the extra few days of rest!

Although the surgery was primarily to remove the gallbladder, Dr. Taylor routinely also removes the appendix. In Sam’s case, that turned out to be a very good decision. It turned out that he also had appendicitis and would be needing another surgery in the near future if the appendix had not been removed in this one. I’m not so sure he could handle another surgery anytime soon.

The results of the labs Dr. Kalwinsky sent off all came back normal, with one exception. The results of the Factor 13 test had not come back yet. That was the main one Dr. Kalwinsky was concerned about. I still haven’t heard the results of it, but I’m assuming that no news is good news.

Sam was still very, very pale at the follow-up visit, and Dr. Taylor ordered some more labs to be done that day. I’m sure they came back normal since I haven’t heard otherwise. Every day, Sam feels a little stronger and has a little less pain. I’m so glad he is finally on the road to recovery! Thanks to all of you who have prayed for him!


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