Friday night, after Sam and I had a discussion about what he wanted for breakfast the next morning, our conversation went like this:

Sam: But, don’t get up real early and fix breakfast and then wake me up to eat it. Wait until I’m about to wake up to start cooking. Then, when I get up, it will be ready to eat.

Me: How am I supposed to know when you’re about to wake up?

Sam: Be psychic, Mom! You’re already psycho, so you’re halfway there.

Of course, that made me laugh, but in all honesty, I sometimes wish I were psychic. Like, right now. I wish I could see what is in the future. I feel like I’m in limbo, and I don’t like that feeling. It’s not as though I’m wishing my life away. I can manage to be patient enough to wait for it; I just want to know what I’m waiting for.

Does anyone else ever feel like that, or is it just me?


2 responses to this post.

  1. We only WISH we knew what was in our future. It would probably scare us to death. Thankfully, though we know the One who holds the future and we know that He is good and does what is right. Genesis 18:25, Romans 8:28


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