In Search of a Man

No, I’m not looking for a boyfriend or husband or anything like that. I’d just like to have a male friend who can carry on a serious conversation. I have male friends who I talk to from time to time, but I don’t think any of them have a serious bone in their bodies. I’m not looking for answers to all my questions or solutions to all my problems, just a different perspective, since men and women tend to think differently.

I’ve found that with most men, if the conversation isn’t light, funny, flirty, goofy, entertaining; they bail. To most people who know me, I’m a light-hearted, easy-going girl; but inside, I have lots of deep, serious thoughts, and I’d like to have someone to share those with. I have a couple girlfriends who I can talk with about anything, but for the most part, we come at things from the same perspective. While it’s nice to be able to talk things out, I usually end up right back where I started. On the few occasions when I’ve had a man who would actually talk about something serious, I always came away with ideas I would never have come up with on my own. That’s what I’m looking for now.


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