What a Weekend!

It’s a strange thing to say, but I’m glad this weekend is about over! Friday evening started off with my discovering something I really didn’t want to discover…then fretting over it all Friday night and all day Saturday. It involved Sam, and we spent lots of time together in the car the past couple days, so I was able to talk to him about the situation, after having calmed myself down. I really hope I was able to get through to him this time!

In the process of trying to update his iPhone to the new OS6, Sam somehow messed the phone up. Saturday, we took it to the AT&T store in Kingsport (since there isn’t one in Bristol), and after nearly an hour, they were finally able to restore it. The lady there said it wasn’t a good idea to update the iPhone 3GS because they were having a lot of problems with the new OS. So, what did Sam do as soon as we got home? Tried updating it again!!! What is wrong with this son of mine???

Of course we HAD to go back to the AT&T store TODAY to get it fixed, despite the fact that I was feeling so sick I didn’t go to church this morning (which means I was feeling very, very bad). I didn’t want to go back to the same store where just yesterday he was advised not to do what he did, so we drove to Johnson City today.

The girl at the Johnson City AT&T store fiddled with the phone for about 20 minutes and then informed us that the phone couldn’t be fixed, and that Apple would just have to replace it. She called Apple for us, and I talked with the representative there for quite a while. The phone’s warranty had expired, so there was nothing to do but try to restore it at home. She gave me some tips, sent an email with websites with more tips, and scheduled a follow-up phone call from Apple for later in the evening.

By the time we got home, I was feeling worse than ever and pretty upset at my precious son for a wasted trip to Johnson City. He went ahead and tried restoring his phone, following the tips from the girl at Apple, and amazingly, his phone is now restored AND updated with the new OS6. By the time the follow-up phone call came, it was all done; and I had even forgotten that I was expecting the call. I was able to tell the man that called that everything was resolved.

I guess all’s well that ends well, but I’m still feeling like crap and actually looking forward to work tomorrow, which will most likely be less stressful than home was this weekend. The one really good part of our weekend was going to the Purple Cow for lunch yesterday. It was raining, and the line was ever so long, as usual, but we enjoyed our subs and milkshakes in spite of it all. Here’s a picture of Purple Cow, as we were waiting in line, with rain pouring down on our car.


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