50 Things about Me

Since I know many of my readers don’t know me personally, I decided to do a post with trivia about me. Maybe my posting will be more personal, if you know me better.

1) My full name is Suzanne Lynn Mulkey.
2) I was born January 5, 1970.
3) My family and close friends don’t call me “Suzanne”. If you call me “Suzanne”, it’s a sure sign we aren’t as close as you may think we are.
4) My child’s name is Samuel Arthur Mulkey.
5) I gave birth to Sam on Novemeber 18, 1995.
6) I am the mother of a teen driver. Aghhhh!!!!
7) I love to sing.
8) But, I can’t sing! haha
9) I also love to cook.
10) And, I’m a pretty good cook.
11) I graduated from high school over 24 years ago. (In other words, I’m OLD!)
12) I graduated from college over 21 years ago.
13) I have a B.S. degree in Accounting.
14) I was born with heart defects.
15) I like sports.
16) I really like basketball.
17) I really, really like tennis.
18) I love to read.
19) I like scrapbooking.
20) I’m also into old hot rods.
21) I like action movies
22) I also like movies based on true stories.
23) I don’t like movies with sad endings. ie: “Million Dollar Baby”, “Message in a Bottle”
24) I spent much of my childhood in Macon, GA.
25) I was born in South Bend, IN.
26) I have lived in 9 different states.
27) I have been to 42 states.
28) I have been to Alaska.
29) I have not been to Hawaii.
30) I have lived in Mexico.
31) I have been to Canada.
32) I want to go to Europe.
33) I accept Jesus Christ as my Savior in Feb, 1993.
34) I try to be a good Christian mom, but I often make mistakes.
35) I have reddish brown hair.
36) I have greenish gray eyes.
37) My favorite drink is Cherry Pepsi.
38) I’m also partial to iced coffee and coffee milkshakes.
39) My favorite ethnic food is Japanese.
40) My favorite dessert is New York style cheesecake.
41) I miss my mom.
42) I’m short … only 60-1/2 inches (ie: 5ft. 1/2in.)
43) My hair has naturally been almost every color possible. It started off jet black, turned red then blond then brown. Now, it would be quite gray if I didn’t keep it colored.
44) I can’t raise my left eyebrow. I was 5 years old when I discovered that and was totally embarrassed.
45) I attended private (Christian) schools from K5 through college.
46) My favorite subject in school was Math.
47) I can go to sleep almost anywhere, at almost any time, regardless of light and noise.
48) I love to write.
49) I’ve never been to the circus.
50) Every time I fall in love, I get hurt.


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