ER Visit

For the past couple weeks or so (17 days to be exact), I have been sick. It started with persistent flu-like symptoms. I ran a low-grade fever, ached all over, felt generally yucky. I thought it was about to go away because I went a day or two without a fever, but the past two days it has become much, much worse. The fever came back, along with difficulty breathing and pains in my chest whenever I cough, which is often. Yesterday morning, I coughed up some really nasty-looking stuff. So, I stayed in my recliner most of the day, just taking it easy and trying to drink as much fluids as possible.

When I tried to go to sleep last night, I found it was impossible because I couldn’t breathe at all. I told Sam he might have to drive me to the Emergency Room, but he asked me to please try to wait until morning. Well, at 2am, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer, and I woke Sam up long enough to tell him that I was driving myself to the ER. He replied with, “Okay, be careful,” before falling back to sleep.

The ER waiting room was empty when I got there, a sight I’ve never seen before. I didn’t have to wait at all. As soon as they got me in the exam room, they hooked me up to oxygen. The doctor came in, listened to my chest and ordered a breathing treatment and chest X-rays. The breathing treatment seemed to help a little. The X-rays showed bronchitis but not pneumonia, thankfully. According to the doctor, there was “streakiness” of fluid in my lungs, but nothing to be concerned about. He put me on antibiotics, steroids, cough medicine, an inhaler, and Lortab for the pains in my chest.

The most interesting part of my ER visit was seeing a man in handcuffs, escorted by a VA state trooper. My exam room was right across from the nurses’ station, and through the small opening in the curtain, I could just see his back with his hands in cuffs and the state trooper’s hand holding onto his arm. I figure he was probably driving while intoxicated, although from my vantage point he didn’t appear drunk.

I need to try to get some sleep now, but it’s going to be hard. The breathing treatment has left me wired. Those of you who pray, please say a prayer for me. I’m tired of being sick, and I need to be well by the time I go back to work on Tuesday. Thanks!


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  1. Posted by Susan on October 13, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Well so glad you went to the ER and thankful you didn’t have to wait and that it wasn’t TOO serious. Stay in your chair, rest, fluids, meds. Praying for a quick recovery. I wish Sam had taken you though. Sam, please take care of your mom. She has taken care of you for how long? Make sure she rests, eats, drinks, and takes her meds on time. DO NOT LET HER DO A THING— AS IN HOUSEWORK, ETC. sorry, Suzanne, I will get off of my soapbox at him. Just concerned about you and I know you at times can be a little stubborn. :0). Love ya. Praying for you. Feel better.


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