Month of Thanksgiving – Day 26

I am thankful for bubble baths. For the past several weeks, our tub has been stopped up. By the end of a shower, it would be nearly half-full of water and take forever to drain out. A few weeks ago, I tried a bottle of Liquid Plumber in it, but it didn’t help at all. Again last week, I tried another bottle of Liquid Plumber…still didn’t help at all. I’ve been missing my bubble baths, because who would want to take a bath in a tub that has had nasty water standing in it so much? I’ve kept it as clean as I could, but that’s been hard because of the standing water issue. Saturday morning, the landlord was outside with some guys from a septic company. I was hoping that would help the tub issue, but when I took my shower that evening, it was half-full of water again and barely draining. As I was standing in the bathroom drying off, I heard a loud pop in the tub and was delighted to see the water spontaneously begin to drain…at a normal rate. Yesterday afternoon, I scrubbed the tub, and last night I finally got to enjoy a bubble bath for the first time in several weeks. I am truly grateful!!


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