Update on Sam’s Health

After Sam’s surgery in July (and all the complications following it), I hoped and believed that his abdominal woes were history. Unfortunately, that’s not so. For the past several weeks, he’s been having issues again. I had him back to the doctor on October 31, when he was diagnosed with a stomach virus. When I took him back today, the doctor was concerned at the amount of weight he has lost since then, as well as the on-going symptoms. She has taken him off dairy for the time being, which brings back memories of his preschool days when he was taken off dairy for several months. She also said no broccoli, cabbage, salads, etc. for a while. (I guess we’ll have green beans a lot.) Now, we’re just waiting on an appointment for him to go back to the GI specialist. Please keep him in your prayers! It was so nice having him well for a few months, and I want that boy back.


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