The Cat

Ever since we moved to our current home, there has been a cat that has come around. I think it is a stray that used to belong to someone. I haven’t determined yet if it is female or a neutered male. I do know that it is soft and fluffy and one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever seen.

From time to time, I have set out bits of food and little saucers of milk or cream. At first, the cat was skittish around us, but after receiving goodies a few times, it started warming up to us. As the weather has gotten colder, it has recently decided it wanted to come inside. Last night, it spent its first night in our home. That was interesting!

Sam had it on his lap, petting it, while watching a movie, and apparently the cat got overly excited and bit his hand. That made Sam angry, and he put it out. A few minutes later, I heard it scratching at the screen door and crying to be let back in. I let it back in the house but not in Sam’s room. I went to bed soon after that, and the next thing I knew, the cat had jumped up on my bed and curled up at my feet. It was rather nice.

At 5:45 this morning, I was awakened by the cat lying right on top of me and licking my cheek. I got up and gave it some water. That’s NOT what kitty cat wanted. I poured out the water and replaced it with a little milk. That made kitty cat very happy. I went on back to bed, and soon I had the cat sprawled out across the foot of the bed. I had to sleep curled up since there was no room for my feet at the end of the bed.

When I got up later this morning, the cat went straight to the door to go out. After an hour or so, I had to go out to get something from the car, and the car was sitting right outside the door, waiting to be let back in. It has drunk some more milk and is now trying to make up with Sam.

Here is a picture of the pretty kitty:



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