Happy New Year!

While I realize that New Years Day is January 1, I choose to observe it on January 5…my birthday. So far, it has been a very good one. It started yesterday morning with Sam taking me out for breakfast. We got to spend quite a bit of time together before I had to go to work, and while I was at work, he did an excellent job on his weekly chores. It was nice coming home to a clean house!

A very dear friend picked me up at Walmart as soon as I got off work and took me out for dinner. We have live in the same town and have sons in the same grade in the same school yet rarely get to spend time together. We went to Cheddar’s and thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and each other’s company. We sat there talking until they started cleaning the restaurant around us, and we decided it was time to leave. I feel like I’ve known Maureen all my life instead of only 6 years, and I thank God for her friendship!

When I got home, I looked up at the sky before going in, as I usually do. Last night, I was able to see more stars than I have in a long time. I thanked God for His awesome birthday gift to me! I know it will be the best one of them all.

This morning, I met another friend for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Yesterday was Dawn’s birthday, so it was sort of a joint birthday celebration for the two of us. Her husband Bud came along, and it was nice getting to know him. Sam would have gone also, but he wasn’t feeling well and is still in bed. I had french toast with some sort of apple dumpling topping. It was absolutely delicious! I think I could eat that every day and never get tired of it.

I decided against making resolutions this year. They end up making me discouraged when I don’t keep them. Instead, I’m just going to strive to be better this year than last … a better mom, a better friend, a better co-worker, a better employee, a better Christian over-all. I’m also going to try to get some health issues resolved so that I will feel more like doing things I love to do but haven’t felt like doing in a while.

In my birthday email from my dad, he said he hopes this year turns out to be the best year of my life. I echo those sentiments, and I am determined to do all I can to make it so.


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