Snow, Jan 2013

Last night, when I heard there was snow in the forecast for today, I was skeptical. Here in Bristol, VA, it just doesn’t snow that much, and when it does, it doesn’t amount to much. Boy, was I wrong this time!

Around 11am, Sam’s school started getting the message out that school was closing one and a half hours early today. I received a phone call, an email, and a text. They also posted it on facebook.

As we were leaving the school at 1pm, it was just raining. By the time we got home, about 30 minutes later, there was a little slush mixed in with the rain. It wasn’t long until it was just snow falling. Here’s what it looked like at my house around 3pm:


I took this picture about an hour later:


A couple more hours later, and it looked like this:


(The last picture is a little hard to see because it had gotten dark outside by then. The camera on my phone doesn’t have a flash, and the batteries in my digital camera died right after I took the first picture today.)

It’s unlikely that my car could make it safely down my driveway and no way it could make it back up the driveway. Therefore, we are staying put! At least we have something pretty to look at out there.


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