Beware: Your Doctor Could Kill You

While the title of this post is rather tongue-in-cheek, the subject is certainly serious. The past couple posts have been about my recent hospitalization, and this post will expound on one of the possible reasons for it.

On Monday afternoon, I passed out at work, and I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Since I was born with a couple heart defects, they did several heart-related tests first to rule out any heart issues. Thankfully, none of those tests showed anything seriously wrong.

Every day, they checked my blood sugar several times, and each time, it was low. The hospital doctor asked me why I was taking Metformin, a diabetes medication. I explained to him that, at my yearly physical last year, my doctor had said I was “almost pre-diabetic” and had prescribed Metformin. It was obvious he was appalled by my answer. He said I should never had been put on Metformin, as it lowered my blood sugar too much, and that I must stop taking it IMMEDIATELY.

Soon after I started on the Metformin last year, I started feeling dizzy often. I mentioned it to my doctor, but she never showed much concern about it. Then, in January of this year, I started dieting…well, mostly just eating healthier. I cut most sugar and starches from my diet, which is normally a good thing to do. In this case, it meant that I no longer had anything counteracting the Metformin, so my blood sugar stayed low all the time. That’s probably why I have been feeling increasingly dizzy and why I passed out at work.

At the time I was prescribed Metformin, I thought it was strange. I should have questioned it more, or even gotten a second opinion. Thankfully, it was discovered before it got any worse. This week, I am going to search for a new doctor. I can’t help but wonder if my doctor has been getting kick-backs from the pharmaceutical company that makes Metformin…or if she is just a quack.


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