Why I Don’t Watch Chick Flicks

The main reason I don’t watch chick flicks is because they foster unrealistic expectations in women. In the movies, the guy is always perfect and has true, deep feelings. He loves the girl so much, he can’t stop thinking about her, even when he’s not around her. And, in the end, he defies all odds to make the girl his.

In my experience, that is so unreal. Several years ago, a man I love very much told me that he would shut off his emotions to avoid feeling any pain. He meant it as an asset, but it has been a very hurtful thing for me and Sam. As far as I can tell, every man is just like that. They can be loving and understanding one day and shut off their emotions the next, and they don’t turn them back on.

To tell the truth, I wish I could do that. It would be so much easier than actually caring about someone who doesn’t care back.


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