The Things We Do For Love

I remember the first time I heard this song. I cried because that’s what I wanted for Sam. I still cry whenever I hear it because I still wish I could have gotten that for Sam.

There was once a man I dated for a few months who was a little bit like the man this song is about. The first time he asked me out, I told him I had a young son and no babysitter. He said that was no problem, that Sam could go with us. In fact, Sam went on every date with us. Though they were more like family outings than “dates”, they were always a lot of fun, and Sam fell in love just as quickly as I did.

The problem was (and there was a problem), the man had been traumatized by previous relationships and wasn’t ready to be in a new relationship yet. I really have no idea why he called me up for that first date. I know he had fun like we did, and he cared about us. Since he didn’t want to hurt either Sam or me, he didn’t break it off; but I could tell he wasn’t happy. That’s why I decided I had to break up with him, which I did…on my birthday. Worst birthday ever!

We lived in a small community where we couldn’t avoid running into each other…at the store, out to eat, passing on the road, etc. I would see him somewhere at least once a week, and it was killing me. I had to get out of there, so I did. I moved…far, far away.

It has now been over a decade since I’ve seen him. We have some mutual friends, but I never bring him up. It’s a subject that is still too raw. I hope he has found the happiness, which he deserves, which has eluded me.


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  2. Posted by rgnglzrd on April 30, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    Unfortunately, life happens that way sometimes. The fact is: we live, we love, we learn. That is why we must always keep our eyes and our hearts open so we can see when Our Perfect Mate comes to us. In his case, his time with you could have been his watershed moment where he could have chosen to stay in his present mental place or move onward with you. You know his choice.

    I have many people I love in a measure beyond friends, beyond family. Among them all are but a scant few whom I would dare say I love with an eternal devotion…and they know who they are…


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