What Kind of Man I Want

A few nights ago, a friend asked me what kind of guy I’m wanting…to design my ideal mate. My first response was that it’s kind of hard to describe, that I’m not sure exactly what I want but that I know some things I don’t want. As I started listing some characteristics, I realized that I had formed a sort of composite of what I’m looking for. The interesting thing is that every one of the traits came from things I don’t like in men I’ve known…things I wish were there. So, listed below are some of the things I came up with.

I don’t want someone who wants me to be his mommy…as well as his maid, cook, lover, housekeeper, etc.

I don’t want someone who babies me. I’m not looking for a daddy.

I want someone who treats me as his equal and is in fact my equal, especially intellectually.

I don’t want someone who thinks he’s God’s gift to women and is always out to prove it by trying to get multiple women to fall in love with him.

I want someone who enjoys nice restaurants (and tips well) but equally enjoys meals at home, cooked by me or him or a joint effort.

I want someone who rather than being afraid or nervous about going out in the wild for adventure, loves the outdoors and looks forward to any opportunity to spend time in nature, but who is equally content to stay home and watch movies.

I want someone who will go with me to fine arts events (symphony, opera, Broadway, etc) and actually enjoy them and be able to speak intelligently about them instead of just gushing “Gee, this is better than I expected it would be,” every 15 minutes.

I want someone who would give me moral support in all my endeavors, even if they end up being complete failures.

I want someone who would be proud of any work I do, even if it’s “just” housework and not a job outside the home.

I want someone who would go beyond accepting Sam as my son but would actually accept him as HIS son as well.

Although I had no one in mind as I was listing out these characteristics, the composite they formed resembles a couple different men I know. Too bad more men don’t fit the description!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Very nice post! You do a succinct job of articulating what many of us girls are looking for. My list is almost identical to yours except I don’t have kids and I don’t like being outside as much. But like you I want someone intelligent, decent and SUPPORTIVE in all my endeavors. My prayer for you tonight is your Mr. Right crosses your path and soon–you deserve it!!! ❤


  2. Very nice blog post. I certainly love this website. Keep writing!


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