Fast and Furious

I don’t go to the movies often, mostly because of the cost. In a typical year, I’ll go to half a dozen or fewer movies. So, when I do go, it’s a big deal, and I don’t choose the movies lightly. This Friday, the latest installment in the widely popular Fast and Furious franchise opens in the US. I have had the date May 24 etched in my brain ever since I first heard when it was going to be released.

As I’ve already mentioned, it can be terribly expensive to go to the movies these days. With tickets that cost $8.50 each and concessions that are sky-high, for Sam and I to go to a movie and have a drink and popcorn, it costs nearly $30. Well, if we go to the big, national chain theater, that is. Luckily for us, there is an old-time drive-in theater in Bristol. They show two movies for the low price of $6 per person, and they have affordable concessions. I became friends with the owner of the theater while I worked at Walmart, and she always gives a discount on our tickets. So, when we go there, we can see two movies and have hot dogs, drinks, and snacks for around $20 total. That’s a deal you just can’t beat.

Earlier this year, while the theater was still closed for the winter, the owner asked me what movies I’d be interested in seeing this year. I told her that the ONE movie I was dying to see was Fast6, and that if any local theater was having a midnight showing of it on its release date, I’d be there. She said she would see what she could do but wouldn’t make any promises. (It turns out that it is becoming harder and harder for them to get movies because so many of them nowadays are released only in digital format, and the drive-in uses reels.) You can imagine my delight as I drove past the drive-in earlier this week and saw that, not only are they showing Fast6, but they are having a midnight showing tomorrow night. I am so excited, I don’t think I’ll get much sleep tonight. I feel like a little kid at Christmas.

I know some of my friends are surprised at my obsession with the Fast and Furious movies. I’ve been told that there isn’t much acting…that it’s just a lot of action and driving fast cars. Question 1: What’s wrong with that? Question 2: Have you seen Paul Walker???


I love that man! From what I can tell, he’s a really decent person in real life. In addition to being an actor, he’s also a marine biologist and a humanitarian. He founded and is very active with Reach Out World Wide (ROWW), which is currently aiding tornado victims in Oklahoma. He’s a down-to-earth good ole boy. What’s not to love?


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  1. Lol- I went and saw the first fast and furious 3 times in the theatre in high school just to watch Paul Walker. Sad that I’m admitting that now…


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