Du liebst Dicke Schmetterlinge

Sam said that to me one evening as he was practicing words he learned in German class at school. I had no idea what he was saying. Unless you know German, I doubt if you can guess, either. It sounds nothing like what it means. The English translation is, “You love thick butterflies.” (He threw in the word “thick” because he thinks it’s funny that it’s “Dicke” in German…it’s a boy thing.) In English, “butterfly” is a pleasant-sounding word, almost romantic, very descriptive of the creature it names. “Schmetterling” is not. It’s interesting hearing Sam say something in German and trying to figure out what it means. I think I’m having as much fun with Sam’s attempt to learn German as he is. It’s definitely much better than his Chinese class last year!

Here is a funny video depicting how German sounds compared to other languages.


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  1. I can say volkswagen!


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