It’s Bristol, Baby!

2013-08-23 19.43.57

I live in the NASCAR town of Bristol, also known as the World’s Fastest Half Mile. But, I don’t like NASCAR. Still, if a friend calls me up and says, “I’ve got tickets. You wanna go?”, I won’t say, “No.” So, tonight I went to the Food City 250 with my friend Maureen.

While I was working at Walmart, I had the opportunity to meet several NASCAR drivers. My favorite one was Brad Keslowski. He was a really sweet kid. Here’s a picture of me meeting him a couple years ago.


Kyle Busch is a controversial figure in NASCAR. People either love him or hate him. Tonight, whenever his name was announced over the loud speaker, a roar went up from the stands…half cheers/half boos. He was in the pole position, and he led the entire race. That made me kind of sad. Brad Keslowski started way back in the teens (14th or 15th, I think, but I’m not sure), but he made his way right up to the front and stayed in 2nd place for most of the race. For a while there, he and Kyle Busch were neck and neck. I was disappointed that he didn’t win.

Our seats were right on the start/finish line and up in the higher section where we actually had seats rather than just bleachers. It was a great place to sit! Here’s a picture of Kyle Busch blowing a lot of smoke in his victory lap.

2013-08-23 21.14.19

It was a night of great fun, despite my disappointment in the outcome of the race. Maureen and I ended up walking about 4.5 miles…about 2 miles from where her son dropped us off across the road from the racetrack and another 2.5 (or so) miles all the way back to her house after the race. I’m worn out, and my feet are killing me. (My next purchase for myself is going to be a good pair of walking shoes!) Anyways, here’s a picture of me and Maureen, in the stands, before the race started.

2013-08-23 19.11.29


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