Another Week Out Of School

Since this is Sam’s second bout with mono, I should be more prepared for its effects on him. Truth is, I’ve worried myself sick over this kid. I’ve heard that when someone gets mono a second time, it’s often worse than the first time. So far, that has been the case with Sam. It came on stronger, with higher temps which continued for a week and a half, a sore and swollen throat that prevented him from eating for about a week, and a higher degree of fatigue. Also, this time, the mono has affected his liver.

When he went back for a re-check last Friday, Dr. Makres ordered blood work to keep an eye on liver enzyme levels. After he told me the results Monday morning, I did some online research to find out what normal levels are. Although I don’t know what it all means, here is what I found out: The normal range for AST (SGOT) is from 5-40. The normal range for ALT (SGPT) is from 7-56. Sam’s levels were 170+ and 200+. (I don’t remember the exact values.) That doesn’t sound good to me.

Monday, Dr. Makres called in a prescription for a 6-day steroid pack, which Sam finished up today. He told me that it should kick in right away and expect to see some improvement within 24 hours. He was right! Tuesday Sam finally started feeling some better. His temp finally went back to normal for the first time in almost 2 weeks, the swelling in his throat went down enough to eat a little, and he had enough energy to play video games for the first time in over a week. (You know a boy is sick when he stops playing his video games!) I was hoping that he would get his strength back enough to go back to school next week.

Yesterday, Sam left the house for the first time since last Friday. He wanted to do a little shopping, but before we even got to the first store, he was already feeling tired. Although we weren’t there long, he wanted to come straight back home when we left. However, after drinking a Coke and resting up a bit in the car, he was able to go to one more store before coming home. When we got home, he admitted that it had been to much for him, and he slept the rest of the day.

Today, he went back for another re-check. I was a little disappointed when Dr. Hommel said he would have to miss another week of school, but I knew she was right. She also said no sports or marching band for at least four more weeks. He still has a sinus infection (which was how this all started in the first place), so she prescribed a Z-pack. I’m hoping it will get rid of the infection for good! When Sam asked her if he is still contagious, she replied, “Yes, so NO kissing!” I think that answer embarrassed him a little. 

I know, both from experience and research, that Sam is going to recover and everything is going to be okay. Still, I’m so worried about him. I don’t understand why he gets sick so often and why his illnesses tend to be so severe. 


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