Month of Thanksgiving – Day 1

Over and over this evening, I have thanked God for giving me Sam and for keeping him safe. Tonight was supposed to be Senior Night for the Mighty Viking Band at the last football game of the year. Sam was out with a friend after school, and I was home getting ready to go to the game. (I was going to get to escort Sam on the field as he got honored for being a senior band member.) That all changed with a phone call.

I rarely get phone calls at all, and I certainly wasn’t expecting one at 6pm since Sam was already back at school by then, getting ready for the game. I wasn’t near my phone, so I couldn’t see the caller id right away; and I had a sudden lurch in the pit of my stomach. For some reason, I had a premonition that it was not going to be good news. I was actually afraid it was going to be the police or some emergency personnel calling to tell me Sam had been in a wreck. When I saw on the caller id that it was Sam, I was so relieved. I assumed he was calling to ask me to bring something he had forgotten. Instead, he was calling to ask me to come pick him up because two of his fellow band members had been in a wreck and had not made it. My very first thought was, “Thank You, God, for keeping Sam and Seth safe this afternoon.” All the way to the school, I prayed…for Sam and the rest of the students at THS, but mostly thanking God for keeping Sam safe.

When Sam got in the car, he told me that a third boy was in the car as well, and he was in critical condition. The third boy is a closer friend of Sam’s, so Sam wanted to go to the hospital to see him. Thankfully, Charlie’s injuries turned out not to be as bad as what they thought. Sam refused to leave the hospital until he got to see him, and he said Charlie was doing much better than he expected.

Please keep Charlie Arnie in your thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery. Also, please remember the students of Tennessee High School, particularly the band and the swim team. (Both of the boys who passed away were on the swim team as well as in band.)


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