Month of Thanksgiving – Day 4

Today I am thankful for music, especially for the influence it has on Sam. Without music, Sam would not be in band. If not for band, he may not have known Blake and Colton and likely would not be as close as he is to Charlie. Music is Sam’s world, and he belongs in the world of music. This afternoon, while mentally and emotionally preparing to go to Blake’s funeral, Sam sat in his room strumming his guitar. The sounds coming from it were softer and more somber than usual, but they were comforting to me as they were to him. Discussing the funeral later tonight, Sam admitted to me that he bawled during the hymn medley played by Mr. Semones (THS band director), Mrs. Semones, and Mrs. Richmond (Bristol elementary band director) on saxophone, clarinet, and trumpet. The selection of hymns they chose were so appropriate and beautifully played. To me, it was the most touching part of perhaps the most beautiful funeral I’ve ever attended. I couldn’t help but wonder if Blake was in Heaven, playing along with them on a golden trumpet.


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