Month of Thanksgiving – Day 6

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I want to say again today that I am very thankful for Sam. He is more than just my son; he is my everything. A while back, he asked me, “How weird is it that my best friend is my mom?” My answer was, “It is as weird that my best friend is my son.” We truly are best friends. We share everything and don’t keep secrets from one another. Sometimes, Sam will try to keep something from me; but before too long, he’ll come and tell me all and say that he just couldn’t keep it from me. A few of those times, I’ve had to reprimand him, while at the same time commending him for being open with me. We talk and laugh and cry together about everything that comes into our lives. One of my favorite things he has said lately was, “You’re so cool that sometimes I forget that I have to respect you as my mom. I’ve been working on that, though.” And, he has. I’m glad he thinks I’m “cool”, and I’m glad we’re best friends.


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