Month of Thanksgiving – Day 11

I am thankful for all the veterans of the US armed services. All three of my mom’s brothers served in the Army, and both of Mom’s sisters are married to veterans. Five of my cousins/cousins’ spouses  have served in various branches of service. Also, I have many friends who have served, representing every branch of armed services. I am blessed to know these veterans personally, and we are blessed as a nation because of their service.

{On a side note, totally unrelated… I have been made aware that people reading my blog may think some posts are about them, when, in fact, they are not. When a post is about a specific person, I try to remember to tag that person’s name (or initials). So, if you read a post and think it’s about it, 1) it probably isn’t, and 2) if it is about you, your name (or initials) will be in the tagline at the top.}


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