Month of Thanksgiving – Day 17

I am thankful for the holiday season. (For you persnickety people reading this, I am not un-Christian for not saying “Christmas season.” I used the term “holiday season” purposely to include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s all in one term.) I love the flavors that are available only this time of year. There are two convenience stores near my home that have pumpkin spice cappuccino and pumpkin pie spice coffee creamer only during fall and winter. I have one of their refill mugs, and I use it 4 or more times a week when they have the pumpkin flavors, but other times of the year I may go a month or longer without using it. I noticed this weekend that Kroger has all their special holiday items out now. This morning, I had my first glass of eggnog this year. I’ve already made pumpkin bars and pumpkin muffins, and I’ll be making more in the next few weeks. I guess it’s good for our overall health that all those seasonal goodies aren’t around all year, but I sure do enjoy them when this time of year rolls around!


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