New Years

Are you one of those people who make out a list of New Years resolutions every year? I used to be. My list was usually long and full of unrealistic goals. I finally realized I was setting myself up for failure, so for a few years, I refused to make any resolutions at all. That didn’t work out so great either, because without goals for the year, it was like I was driving along with no steering wheel. This year, I’ve decided to set only two goals; and I’ve set them to music.

Last year, I learned to become even more dependent on God and to trust Him in every situation. It was a tough year with lots of opportunities for learning this. This year, I want to always remember that I’m not strong enough to make it on my own and make prayer my first response to whatever gets thrown at me. This song perfectly illustrates this resolution and was what made me think of doing musical resolutions.

Secondly, I resolve to be happier than I was last year. Last year had lots of worrisome episodes, and I spent a large part of the year in worry, sadness, and depression. Sam frequently told me I needed to stop thinking about the bad things and just be happy, and he was right. This next song doesn’t say anything about being happy, but the song itself makes me happy. My love of this song doesn’t have much to do with the words; I just really love the catchy, happy tune. I don’t see how anyone could not like this song, and I hope it will make you happy, too.


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