Emails from Mom

I’m tired tonight and should be in bed, but I can’t sleep. So, I decided to get up and read some old emails from Mom. I hadn’t thought about them for several years, but I happened to remember last night that I had saved every email I ever got from her, and I started reading through them. I couldn’t read very many before becoming too emotional to continue. I read a few more tonight. For the most part, they are short and about daily happenings. One thing that is very apparent, she loved Sam so much! Here is the email I received from her on April 2, 2001:


Hi Suze,

It’s 11:30 pm and I’m having trouble sleeping so thought I’d get
on Internet for a few minutes. It’s hard to believe it’s April
already. Only 2 more months to go! Yippee! Your dad and I can’t
wait until Sam comes down. That’s one reason I’m not sleepy. I got
to thinking about all the things we can do this summer and I got
excited. I’m getting too old to get so excited.

I’m drinking some hot tea so I may get sleepy all of a sudden, so
I guess I’ll make this short and be ready to hop in bed.

I love you. I missed talking to you via phone today. I’m sure
I’ll be talking to you tomorrow night.

Have a nice day and have a nice night.

Love, Mom


I miss her so badly, and I have so much I want to talk to her about. It sure has been nice to have these emails…almost like having her back again…almost.


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