My Car — The Saga Continues

In my last post, I told about how my car stopped in the middle of the road at the end of a 300-mile trip. It was in the shop for about a week, getting the clutch replaced. It turned out to be a more complex job than originally thought because the last time it was replaced, the mechanic did a poor job. (He even put a spring in upside down.) The additional parts and labor added $250 to the original quote. That was a pretty heavy blow. It all turned out okay, though. A friend stepped in and did a lot of the work, which cut the labor by $250…putting the total back to the original amount quoted. What a relief!

Now, the clutch is better than it has been in years. It’s so much easier to shift to gears. All I need now is to get a fuel injector replaced, and my car will be running like new again. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to be an easy (or cheap) job. The one quote I’ve gotten so far was $700. It’s been bad for about a year, so I need to get it replaced as soon as possible. But, it’s been bad for about a year and not getting worse, so maybe I don’t need to rush things. See, I can rationalize which ever decision I make.

Again, as I said in my last post, I’m very blessed with this car. Although it’s 15 years old, I still have people comment on how “cool” it is, and it still gets me from point A to point B consistently. What more do I need?


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