Sam’s Music

If you know my son Sam, you know that music is his life. He eats, sleeps, breathes music. He started off with piano, with less than a year of lessons in the 2nd grade. Even with such a small amount of formal lessons, he is able to read music and pick out songs he likes on the piano. In 6th grade, he started playing trumpet in school band. He was very dedicated to it…he always practiced at home and had private lessons for a couple years. Halfway through his freshman year of high school, he switched to tuba, and he has loved it! Sam was born to be a tuba player!

Last Monday evening, he participated in his high school band’s solo and ensemble concert. He played the tuba in a low brass ensemble. Here is a video of that performance: (Sam is 2nd from the left.)


A little over a year ago, Sam started playing guitar. He has taught himself, faithfully practicing several hours a day. His hard work has paid off, and today he performed with his guitar for the first time. He helped lead the worship service at the Salvation Army church this morning. I couldn’t be prouder of my son! I didn’t record any of it, but I did get a few pictures.


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