Flash-Back to the Fifties

Last night, the Tennessee High School Madrigals had their spring show, entitled “Flash-Back to the Fifties”. It was a fun show! It was fun to watch and equally fun helping Sam get together his costume for it. The kids obviously had a great time performing in it. Sam went on and on, all the way home, about how much fun he had.

Here are a few pictures of Sam with some of his friends after the show.

The chorus teacher at THS is Mr. Brownlee. Sam has really enjoyed getting to know him this year, and after the show, Mr. Brownlee told me he wished he could have had Sam in Madrigals for more than this one semester. Here is a picture of Sam and Mr. Brownlee.

Of course, what made me such a proud parent was Sam’s performance last night. He did a great job! He had to learn to dance the Jitterbug, and learned it with gusto, determined that he and his partner would be the best couple up there. Here is the opening dance scene. Sam and his partner (Lauren Ries) are the second couple from the left — Sam is wearing a red shirt, and Lauren is wearing a red skirt.

In this next video, you can hear Sam in a brief solo part. He sings the third solo.

In this video, Sam is the boy in the middle. (I messed up while recording it. I decided to try the camera in a different orientation, and it made the video go sideways. I didn’t leave it that way long, though, so just ignore that little bit.)

The whole show was terrific. I wish I could have recorded it in its entirety, but I enjoyed just watching some of the numbers without my camera in my face.


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