Yes, I typed the title of this post in all caps. That’s because it’s the biggest day, so far, in Sam’s life, and it has been a great day! It was a little chilly, but at least the rain held off.

Here is a picture of the Class of 2014, ready for graduation to get started:

2014-05-17 10.09.43

It started with the Senior Madrigals singing “Happy”. Their performance was superb! The soloist was Johnna Pickard. Even though I couldn’t see them well (or Sam at all) from where I was sitting, I recorded it, and the sound came through loud and clear. Here’s the video:

And, here is a picture of Sam leaving the stage with the other Madrigals. (He’s the 4th one, right at the bottom of the steps.)

2014-05-17 10.19.52

After graduation, Sam wanted pictures taken with some of his friends and his favorite teachers.

The greatest surprise of the day was when my Dad called and said he was there! We weren’t expecting him, and we were both thrilled to see him. Here is a picture of Sam and Dad:

2014-05-17 11.09.51

I will be putting a picture of Sam and me here, whenever I get it. My friend Maureen took it for me, with her camera, which is way nicer than my cell phone camera.

It was an emotion-filled, wonderful day! I couldn’t be more proud of Sam, and I wish him all the success and happiness he deserves!


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