My Bucket List

[Edited 5 July 2014]

Bucket ListA couple times this week I talked with friends about things I’d like to do some day, and I realized I have never made an actual bucket list. This should be regarded as a preliminary list, as it is my first go at it; and I’m sure I will have additions, amendments, and deletions as I think about it some more. Since I love to travel and have an insatiable sense of adventure, this list will be overloaded with places I want to visit.

1. Visit all 50 states – I’ve been to 42 states already, so I have only 8 more to go. My original goal was to get to them all before I turned 40. Now that I’m past that milestone, my new goal is to visit Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Hawaii before I turn 50.

2. Go to the circus – Yes, I’m 44 years old, yet I’ve never been to the circus. You can feel sorry for me, or you can take me to the circus!

3. Go on a cruise – I’d love to go on a Mediterranean cruise, but I’d settle for a Caribbean or Alaskan one.

4. Read the Bible all the way through – I’ve been following a schedule to read it through in two years. I’m almost halfway through now, so I will be able to tick this one off before long.  DONE

5. Go on a European tour – I especially want to go to Ireland, England, France, and Italy. I chose Ireland and France because my ancestry is mostly from those two countries. I’d like to go to England because I’m more or less obsessed with all things British, and I’d like to go to Italy with Sam because he is more or less obsessed with all things Italian.

6. Go skydiving – Remember…I said I have an insatiable sense of adventure!

7. Go to Japan – I have lots of friends who have lived there, and it sounds like a fascinating place.

8. Go snow skiing – Hopefully, it will go better than the one time I tried water skiing.

9. Have my hair styled by Nick Arrojo – He is incredibly talented…and also VERY expensive!

10. Go to culinary school – I love to cook, and I’d like to learn techniques to make my food better.

11. Ride a Ferris Wheel – I’ve ridden all kinds of carnival rides and roller coasters, but I’ve never ridden a Ferris Wheel.

12. Visit Tlapa, Guerrero, Mexico – I’d love to go back to the place where my family lived for a while when I was a child. I haven’t been back since we moved away in 1982. During that visit, I also want to go back to Cuernavaca (my favorite city I’ve ever been to) and visit my high school friend Dorcas.

13. Move – Yes, that’s vague. At this point, after living in Bristol for over 11 years, I’d like to move just about ANYwhere. There are, of course, a few places higher on my preferences list, as well as a couple places on my “no, no, hell no, and you can’t make me” list.

[Added 5 July 2014]
14. See James Taylor live in concert – I was thinking about this as I was typing my list yesterday, but my fingers forgot to type it. James Taylor is my favorite living musician, and I’d love to see him in concert before he stops touring.

Feel free to share items from your bucket list with me, especially if you think I’ve left off anything that should be included.


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