I Never Liked the Rain

rainMy mom loved the rain. Often when it would start raining, she would ask Dad to take her for a ride. They would go through a drive-thru for coffee then drive around in the rain, sipping their coffee and holding hands. Other times, she would sit on the swing on the back porch with the biggest smile on her face while the rain came down on the roof and sometimes blew in on her a little. Mom loved rain about as much as she loved Christmas. She would become as excited as a child when the first drops started coming down.

I always suspected she was kind of crazy because I didn’t like rain at all. I was active and liked doing things outside, and rain would ruin my fun. Besides, rain was depressing, and my nature was not melancholy at all. I hated seeing the sky get dark as the clouds covered the sun, and when the droplets started falling, I felt like an animal trapped in a cage.

Then, one day I got caught out in the rain with someone special. Although it was an inconvenience as it was hindering our project, it was also an excuse to get closer to each other while we waited for it to pass over. That was the first time I liked the rain, and the remembrance of that day has made many more rainy days not just tolerable, but sweet as I get caught up in the memory.


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