Word Games

CrosswordMy mom loved word games. The crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper was off limits! It belonged to her, along with the Jumble and cryptogram which were printed along side it. She also bought word puzzle books often. Long before I was born, Mom and Dad started doing races with cryptograms. One of them would read out the letters while they both wrote them out on separate sheets of paper. Then they would race to see who could solve them first. When I was about 15, I started joining in. Although it was very difficult at first, after a while, I started winning frequently; and Mom and Dad stopped racing with me. The love of solving word puzzles has never left me. I have commandeered my share of newspaper crosswords, and I have bought scores of word puzzle books. To this day, my favorite type of word puzzle is the cryptogram because of the memories of racing with Mom and Dad. So, just for fun, I created a cryptogram of my own. If you can solve it, you can do what it says.


I B H H      U V:      S W C V      L V C V G      D G V      F K D      D G V      P V N D      

P V N D      F Y N V V      P V N D      S D E N.


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