J. Layne Tackett

014I had a post all written out for today, but I changed my mind when I got the news last night that my Uncle Layne had passed away. Layne was Mom’s oldest brother, whom she loved very much. Layne went into the Army out of high school, so he ended up going to college with Mom at Moorehead State College (now Moorehead State University). Layne was an educator, like Mom. He taught at Pikeville High School and Pikeville College (now University of Pikeville) and was the principal at Pikeville Elementary School. He was a brilliant man who was also very, very kind and quick to laugh. Whenever I picture him in my mind, he is always laughing. He had a charming way about him that made everyone love him, and he will be missed by many. I didn’t know Layne as well as I would have liked. My family always lived away from Pikeville, and our visits were always short. One thing I always knew, though, was that my Uncle Layne loved me, and I loved him, too.


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