Domestic Goddess

2014-07-21 16.16.16Yes, the title is referring to me. I have been a domestic goddess today. One of the first things I did today was to bake a loaf of banana bread. I had some bananas that were at the point of needing to be used in something or thrown away, and I’m not one to throw away food. Sam wasn’t thrilled at the thought of banana bread without nuts, but I couldn’t go to the store to get some because I’m still without transportation. I guess that leaves more for me! Since there is no way I can (or should) eat an entire loaf of banana bread, I think I will give some to the old man next door.

Speaking of whom… You may recall the article I wrote about him some time back. He used to be mean and spiteful, but he suddenly changed, apologized for his former behavior, and vowed to be a much better neighbor from now. He’s kept his promise, too. He’s actually kind and neighborly now. This afternoon, he came to my door with a huge bag of frozen mulberries. He said he tried to eat some of them but couldn’t stand the way the seeds got stuck under his dentures and wondered if I’d like them. I told him yes and thanks and that I thought they would make a good cobbler. He assured me they would make an excellent cobbler. So, as soon as I got them into the kitchen, I took out about two cups of berries and made a wonderful cobbler. I still have way over half of the berries left, and I’m thinking of ways to use them. If I knew how to make jam, that’s what I’d do with most of them. I think I might have to research that online…

While the cobbler was in the oven, I made limeade from some fresh-squeezed limes. Limeade is something I make every summer, but I think today’s was the best I’ve ever made. I don’t mean to be bragging on myself…it must have been the good limes.

In the picture above is a slice of my banana bread and a glass of limeade. Here is a picture of the fabulous mulberry cobbler:

2014-07-21 16.39.11

Am I making you jealous yet?



2 responses to this post.

  1. Suzanne, Domestic Godess, will you marry me!!!! I need to eat good like that. And if not, would you at least send me that Banana Bread instead of giving it to that mean old man who isn’t so mean anymore! Or at least, have a piece for me and pretend I am eating it! Yum yum!!


    • Al, next time I go to Atlanta, I will bring you some banana bread! I miss you, my friend, and can’t wait to get to spend time with you again!


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