Fried Green Tomatoes

2014-07-25 19.04.00Although I was born up north (South Bend, IN, to be exact), my family moved to Georgia when I was five years old, and I immediately embraced the Southern culture. When we went back to Indiana for a visit (actually, it was for a cardiology appointment for me) a few months after our move, everyone made fun of my new Southern accent. Over the years, it has become stronger until I no longer have any trace of Northern in my speech.

Besides my accent, the next biggest effect the South has had on me is in my cooking. I am a pro at Southern cooking. In fact, I wouldn’t be afraid to take on Paula Deen herself. Today, I made a great Southern tradition — fried green tomatoes, and boy, were they good! I thought about posting my recipe here for all my non-Southern friends, but I don’t really cook by recipes, so it would be vague, with phrases like, “a little of…,” “a pinch of…,” and so forth. If you really want to know how I make them, you can ask, and I’ll do my best to give you a recipe you can follow.

True to my nature, this venture was not without incident…or accident. Since I’m not great at slicing tomatoes evenly and thinly, I opted to use my mandolin slicer. Along with the mandolin, there is a hand guard to hold the food and keep your fingers away from the blades. I thought about using it, but I reminded myself that I’ve used the mandolin several times before, each time without bothering with the guard, with never so much as a scratch. Almost immediately after having that conversation with myself, my hand slipped, and I sliced my middle finger badly. (Pride goeth before a fall, huh?)

I had barely begun slicing the tomatoes, so the rest of the project had to be done almost entirely with my left hand. The thing is, I’m not merely right-hand dominant; I can barely do anything at all with my left hand. Thankfully, there were no more incidents, which is probably due to the extreme care necessitated by using my left hand. The fried green tomatoes turned out beautiful and delicious!

As for my finger, it’s still in quite a bit of pain, and it’s making typing difficult. I told Sam I thought I might need to go get it checked, and his response was, “You just sliced your finger. You don’t need to go to the doctor.” That was his “professional” opinion even though he never even looked at it. I think I’ll take his advice, though, and doctor it at home. I have it tightly bound with a bandage right now to keep the gash closed, and I will change the bandage whenever this one gets wet or bleeds through. Uggghhhh…. I hate being so clutzy!


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