I’m Not Flipping You Off

2014-07-26 15.13.36In yesterday’s post, I told about how I cut a gash into one of my fingers while slicing tomatoes. Let me tell you…it hurts today, even more so than yesterday!

Last night, I finally got Sam to look at it, and he was shocked at how bad it was, but he had to make a joke and tell me to stop flipping him off…hence the title of this post. He said he was surprised I had cut my finger so badly because I haven’t done anything like that in a long time. And, he was right. As clutzy as I am, it’s been quite some time since I’ve done such a number to myself. I think in my old age I’m becoming more cautious.

I couldn’t find any bandaids, so I made a makeshift bandage for it last night with tissue and packing tape. Not only was it not attractive, it was also bulky and cumbersome. The bandage made it almost impossible for me to use that finger, and being on my middle finger, it made it difficult to use my whole hand. So, a little earlier today, I took the bandage off because it was bothering me, and it appeared that my finger hadn’t bled in a while. It sure did make typing easier! After a while, though, I noticed that my keyboard was feeling sticky. I looked down and saw that my finger was bleeding again and dripping blood all over my laptop. YUCK! I had to clean my finger (and my whole hand), re-bandage my finger, and clean my my laptop. What a mess!


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